The University of Virginia Health Science Center has assembled an impressive group of chromatin and nuclear biology researchers. Their common interests foster interdepartmental collaborations, and bi-weekly chromatin research seminars and journal clubs help forge a sense of community among the various labs.

Researcher Links

Microbiology Dept. Chromatin and Gene Expression Group

Ann Beyer Nuclear RNA processing and mRNA metabolism
Dave Auble Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation and DNA repair
Dan Burke Mitotic regulation by the yeast spindle checkpoint
Ed Egelman The structure and function of macromolecular assemblies
Dan Engel The role of SWI/SNF in transcriptional regulation in cancer cells
Patrick Grant Chromatin remodeling and transcription
Joyce Hamlin Mechanisms of DNA replication and gene amplification
Don Hunt Mass spec. analysis of chromatin associated proteins
Sepideh Khorasanizadeh Structure and function of the Chromo domain
Jim Larner Radiation induced effects on chromatin structure
Marty Mayo Transcriptional responses of NF-kB signalling
Bryce Paschal Mechanisms of nuclear protein transport
Sonia Pearson-White Regulation of mammalian gene expression
Lucy Pemberton The role of nuclear transport in transcriptional regulation
William Petri Transcriptional regulation in an early baranching prokaryote
Fraydoon Rastinejad Crystallographic study of protein-DNA interactions
Jeff Smith Chromatin-mediated transcriptional silencing
Mitch Smith Genetics of chromosome structure and dynamics
Todd Stukenberg Mechanisms of mitotic regulation
Rosalie Uht Nuclear receptor transcriptional regulation
Joseph Wagstaff Mechanisms of genetic imprinting
David Wotton Smads and the role of transcriptional repressors